Leaning Towers

Sept 2008 - Dec 2008

Architect : Simplex Architecture

In order to introduce a new symbolic building in the Allston area, leaning towers with different orientations are suggested. They are facing in different direction according to their views towards the river and the sunlight, which creates interesting spaces between the towers. Various community spaces are situated below the plinth for the students and the people living in Allston area. This building will attract people to the Allston area to enjoy the new community space in the building.


This project is to provide a new residential towers for the Harvard undergraduate students. The site is situated in front of the river, right next to the Harvard Business School and the Murr Center. By inverting the building-courtyard concept of the nearby buildings, this residential towers will be a unique and iconic form in this area to attract people and provide a different scenery for the people nearby.