Inverted Ground

Sept. 2009 - Dec 2009

Architect : Simplex Architecture


Over the past four decades, the city of Istanbul has grown away from the congestion of its historic center towards its vast metropolitan fringes on
both sides of the Bosphorus supported by an extensive network of roads, bridges, and public transportation. This condition is bound to radically change in 2011, when the Marmaray project, a new underwater train-line linking the two sides of the Bosphorus, will be completed. This line will bring more than one million passengers a day into the historic city, and become a New Gate to both Europe and Asia.


In this site of complexity, a linear deck that will be connecting Northern and Southern part of the site will be introduced. This will function as a new open space in Istanbul. Although it is a kind of a mega form, it will not be recognized as one, since it will be mainly embedded under the ground and it will not be an obtrusive object.