Great Common City

International Ideas Competition for Urban Regeneration of the Jamsil Sports Complex in Seoul

2015. August

Architect : Simplex Architecture

Landscape Architect : Gyongtak Park


Great Common City seeks to become a global attraction where complex urban land uses and great common ground are systematically juxtaposed. In most other city redevelopments,  various urban land uses have been differently planned and supported per each use, and two domains- common ground and urban land use have been competing with each other, generating land-use-exhibitive-skyline/building coverage as well as a leftover common ground as a result. Unlike the previous approaches, this proposal envisions a unique relationship between the two by horizontally arranging all the required and expected potential programs in careful manner, creating great common ground over the arrangement, and   vertically networking them with program-supportive structural system.


Great Common City is not just a new urban district where the common ground and land uses are well balanced, but it is more of a symbolic city within Seoul for great common people of globe that incubates various and unique cultural activities in great scale supporting MICE, tourism, and sports industries of Seoul beyond the region.

While in most of the cases, introducing the open space in the city and the urban development conflict with each other, Great Common City will integrate the open common ground and urban developments in one site by horizontally spreading the program volume and placing the common ground above as well as connecting the two vertically. This will suggest a new typology in the city, which will outweigh the ordinary open space - development relationship.

 The park above is open to the public, creating a breathing space in the city which can be commonly used by the people. The park is located on top of the rectangular plate, gradually sloping from the city side - southeast corner to the Han River side - northwest corner. This enables the southeast corner of the site to accommodate more programs underneath, and northwest corner of the site to directly connect the Han River Park. Moreover, people will have a better view of the Han River by walking up towards the south side. The city under the park will have programs widely spread horizontally, so that it creates a city within the city that is self-sufficient.   

Roof top of the Great Common City reveals unusual-scale-openness which is unprecedented green space that has never been existed before in Seoul.

The steel columns regularly spaced with 30m grid structurally support the entire site and function as breathing vessel of the site that carries air intake and exhaust. Through this system structure, irrigational water to the roof plants are delivered up and water catchment from the roof intermittently falls down to the ground when the catchment basin is full, purifying the interior air. By stretching out the edge of the column to a certain direction, the system structure transforms into flexible program structure providing semi-enclosed, multi-purpose spaces in between. 
The glass core is located throughout the site and connects multiple levels. Not only as a structural support but also as a skylight well and wind shelter on the roof, this becomes an entry vestibule of the site. The enclosed area defined by walls accommodates required programs such as sports facilities, retail shops, convention hall, office, hotel, etc. In particular, the east side of the lower city level is sports complex zone that includes Baseball stadium, Swimming pool, Gymnastic hall, Indoor stadium, etc.  

A Long open corridor to accommodate a large number of people during the event is located at the south main entry of the site. The northeast corner of the site suspended over the Han River becomes ferry terminal. 
The main stadium will have minimum intervention and restoration to keep its stadium function. However, the additional spiral ramp will connect the ground floor, stadium, and the upper park, and maximize the engagement between the two structures. 

Beyond a unique and distinctive setting of itself, Great Common City extends its stunning perspective and infrastructural value to the regional scale. Various programs occupy the interior space in different size and scale. Northeast corner of the site can be used as a ferry terminal/waiting lounge.