Bridge, Market and Station | 소통의 시장 길

Jeonju Station International Design Competition

Jeonju-si, Korea

Design Period : Jul. 2019 - Sept. 2019

Architect : Simplex Architecture + STUDIO KYSH—

Landscape Architect : Uraban Yards

Project Team : Chung Whan Park, Sanghun Song, Kyu Young Huh, Seungho Park, Yu Kyung Kim, Eun Seon Jung, Hyun Woo Lee, Seong Wook Jeong

Second Prize

After its relocation in 1981, Jeonju station was marginalized due to its peripheral location. However, since the inception of the KTX (Korea Train Express) service through Jeonju in 2012, Jeonju has reemerged as a major connector city of the North Jeolla province with a growing number of commuters that bypass Jeonju as part of their daily commute.

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Massing Diagram.jpg
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Jeonju is a main connector city of the Jeolla province. Its role as a connector city has become more crucial since the introduction of KTX. In its rare urban setting, Jeonju’s traditional village site continues to gain national and international recognition with its growing accessibility. We will preserve the existing pagoda structure as a homage to the city’s efforts to preserve its roots in traditional Korean culture. Our expansion will help to expand the station’s capacity for commuters and visitors.


The original Jeonju train station prior to its relocation ran through the city center, and was later relocated to its current peripheral location. We foresee continued growth of Jeonju and therefore integrated an elevated platform that serves to connect the two neighborhoods of Jeonju east and west of the train station. The train station will become a new functional city center, serving as a well-connected middle point of the city.


A train station is not merely a stop along a railway path, but it serves as a gateway for commuters into a city at every stop. It is a physical space for gathering and experiencing. We hope to embrace and highlight the strengths of Jeonju as a city with a rich cultural heritage in gastronomy by creating a new marketplace expansion adjacent to the existing train station structure. This marketplace will serve as a vehicle to increase exposure of Jeonju’s rich culture to visitors and to further develop its gastronomy sector by supporting local culinary masters, food vendors as well as culinary programming in a very visible and accessible space.